Leadership Competencies Development Program (LCDP)


Congratulations to our LCDP Class 11 selectees!

After a rigorous and competitive selection process, we are pleased to announce the members of our new cohort, LCDP Class 11. The 31 individuals below have demonstrated a high potential for assuming greater leadership responsibilities in NOAA.

The LCDP is an 18 - month NOAA leadership development program. The program will provide this cadre of employees with a series of cross-line, multidisciplinary training and learning experiences that will broaden participants’ understanding of NOAA’s strategic vision, mission, and goals, as well as our business processes. The LCDP, a key component of NOAA’s Strategic Human Capital Management Plan, is our premier succession planning initiative. It is a great honor to have been chosen for this prestigious opportunity.

LCDP 11 began on July 21, 2019 and will end on January 15, 2021. Recruitment for the next cohort, LCDP Class 12, will begin in May, 2021.

Biographies for LCDP 11 participants are available on NOAA's secure page: https://www.lcdp.noaa.gov/participants.html

  Name Line/
Duty Station Job Title Supervisor’s Name
& Email Address
1 Summer Morlock Summer.Morlock@noaa.gov OCFO Washington, D.C. Budget Analyst Janelle Smith
2 Alisha Falberg Alisha.Falberg@noaa.gov OGC Juneau, AK Attorney Advisor Demian Schane Demian.Schane@noaa.gov
3 Makeda Okolo Makeda.Okolo@noaa.gov DUSO Washington, D.C. Policy Advisor CAPT EJ Van Den Ameele
4 Melissa Andersen Garcia Melissa.Garcia@noaa.gov NESDIS Washington, D.C.
Senior International Relations Specialist Mary Ann Kutny Mary.Ann.Kutny@noaa.gov
5 Rob Redmon Rob.Redmon@noaa.gov NESDIS Boulder, CO Physical Scientist Eric Kihn and Stephanie Herring
Eric.a.Kihn@noaa.gov and Stephanie.Herring@noaa.gov
6 Kathryn Shontz Kathryn.Shontz@noaa.gov NESDIS Silver Spring, MD Physical Scientist Dan St. Jean Dan.Stjean@noaa.gov
7 Renee Smith-Dearring Renee.Smith@noaa.gov NESDIS Suitland, MD Physical Scientist Scott Leonard
8 Claudia Womble Claudia.Womble@noaa.gov NESDIS Silver Spring, MD Management and
Program Analyst
Mary Slay-Rachlin and Michael Stringer
Mary.Slay-Rachlin@noaa.gov and Michael.Stringer@noaa.gov
9 Jim (James) Berkson Jim.Berkson@noaa.gov NMFS Silver Spring, MD
NMFS Liaison to
Sea Grant
Kenric Osgood Kenric.Osgood@noaa.gov
10 Danielle Blacklock (Rioux) Danielle.Blacklock@noaa.gov NMFS Silver Spring, MD Senior Policy Advisor Jennifer Lukens Jennifer.Lukens@noaa.gov
11 Alan Haynie Alan.Haynie@noaa.gov NMFS Seattle, WA Industry Economist Stephen Kasperski Stephen.Kasperski@noaa.gov
12 Jeff Smith Jeff.P.Smith@noaa.gov NMFS Silver Spring, MD Supervisory Marine
Habitat Resource Specialist
Tisa Shostik Tisa.Shostik@noaa.gov
13 Jessica Stephen Jessica.Stephen@noaa.gov NMFS St. Petersburg, FL Branch Chief John McGovern John.McGovern@noaa.gov
14 Janet Whaley Janet.Whaley@noaa.gov NMFS Silver Spring, MD Veterinary Medical Officer Robert Downs Robert.Downs@noaa.gov
15 Theresa Goedeke Theresa.Goedeke@noaa.gov NOS Silver Spring, MD Social Scientist John Christensen John.Christensen@noaa.gov
16 Lonnie Gonsalves Lonnie.Gonsalves@noaa.gov NOS Silver Spring, MD Environmental Scientist Michelle Harmon
17 Nic (Nicole) Kinsman Nicole.Kinsman@noaa.gov NOS Anchorage, AK Alaska Regional Geodetic Advisor Ross Mackay
18 Reyhan Mehran Reyhan.Mehran@noaa.gov NOS New York, NY Regional Resource Coordinator Diane Evers Diane.Evers@noaa.gov
19 Helene Scalliet Helene.Scalliet@noaa.gov NOS Silver Spring, MD Program Analyst Vicki Wedell Vicki.Wedell@noaa.gov
20 Adam Stein Adam.Stein@noaa.gov NOS Asheville, NC Coastal Hazards/
Laura Petes Laura.Petes@noaa.gov
21 Katie Garrett Katie.Collins.Garrett@noaa.gov NWS Silver Spring, MD NWS Deputy Chief of Staff George Jungbluth George.Jungbluth@noaa.gov
22 Audra Hennecke Audra.Hennecke@noaa.gov NWS Topeka, KS Meteorologist Kris Craven Kris.Craven@noaa.gov
23 Susanne Keveney Susanne.Keveney@noaa.gov NWS Silver Spring, MD Portfolio Manager Michelle Mainelli Michelle.Mainelli@noaa.gov
24 Matt Kuzemchak Matthew.Kuzemchak@noaa.gov NWS Silver Spring, MD Physical Scientist Mark Burkes Mark.Burkes@noaa.gov
25 Sundaraman Gopalakrishnan Sundararaman.G.Gopalakrishnan
OAR Miami, FL Meteorologist Frank Marks Frank.Marks@noaa.gov
26 Kelley Elliott Kelley.Elliott@noaa.gov OAR Silver Spring, MD Program Specialist Craig Russell and Rachel Medley Craig.Russell@noaa.gov and
27 Robert Rogers Robert.Rogers@noaa.gov OAR Miami, FL Meteorologist Frank Marks Frank.Marks@noaa.gov
28 CDR Lindsay Kurelja Lindsay.Kurelja@noaa.gov OMAO Pascagoula, MS Commissioned Officer Mike Hopkins
29 CDR Jason Mansour Jason.Mansour@noaa.gov OMAO Lakeland, FL Commissioned Officer Kristie Twining
30 LCDR Emily Rose Emily.Rose@noaa.gov OMAO San Diego, CA Commissioned Officer Chad Cary Chad.Cary@noaa.gov
31 LCDR Claire Surrey-Marsden Claire.Surrey-Marsden@noaa.gov OMAO Pascagoula, MS Commissioned Officer Christopher Skapin Christopher.Skapin@noaa.gov


Mandatory FEI Training Dates for Cohort 11:


*Note: The LCDP program is open to employees with disabilities, and NOAA encourages employees with disabilities to apply. The FEI training portion of the program will and can be modified to accommodate persons with disabilities. For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations, please contact the LCDP Director, Tracy Levstik, at: Tracy.Levstik@noaa.gov, or 303-497-4231.